SET "order" feature request

When I use Set node (I’m a big fan and sometimes desperate when I want to do hardcore no code stuff :joy: ), if I only use string, I can order “columns” using the arrow to move the “name/value” up or down.

When I use in the same Set Node, string and numeric (in my example, I need to divide by 1000 one value to have the right unit), I can not order the “name/value” anymore, and worst, I get “name/value” of type number first, then “name/value” of type string.

It would make better sense in my opinion, that each “name/value” could be of whatever type, and that we could order them without taking into account wether its string or something else.

What do you think about this ?

In my use case, I had to add another Set, just to reorder the “columns”. Of course, I know that from JSON point of view, it does not change anything.

Why do you need to order the keys in the object (columns)? As you mentioned from a JSON point of view it does not change anything.

Mostly for human reading, it makes sense to have column in the « right order ».

Also, as it is possible to order within a specific type of data, it would make sense to be able to do so whatever the kind of data.

or on the spreadsheet.
If we want write a sheet with a specific order of columns

I have always wanted this to be doable. Is just for organization purposes.

Finally I understand that the Set node give the same order that is it edit.
You have to select only string for all field and edit it in the order you want the result

Since few last versions, we can push top or bottom a field (no need to reset all value)

Have fun


Nice. I have not setup recently new workflow, but I will try it next time !