SET "order" feature request

When I use Set node (I’m a big fan and sometimes desperate when I want to do hardcore no code stuff :joy: ), if I only use string, I can order “columns” using the arrow to move the “name/value” up or down.

When I use in the same Set Node, string and numeric (in my example, I need to divide by 1000 one value to have the right unit), I can not order the “name/value” anymore, and worst, I get “name/value” of type number first, then “name/value” of type string.

It would make better sense in my opinion, that each “name/value” could be of whatever type, and that we could order them without taking into account wether its string or something else.

What do you think about this ?

In my use case, I had to add another Set, just to reorder the “columns”. Of course, I know that from JSON point of view, it does not change anything.

Why do you need to order the keys in the object (columns)? As you mentioned from a JSON point of view it does not change anything.

Mostly for human reading, it makes sense to have column in the « right order ».

Also, as it is possible to order within a specific type of data, it would make sense to be able to do so whatever the kind of data.