Setup Credentials using file

Hi Team

I have another use case can I create a file which will contain all the credentials for example Hive API Key, URL, Some other credentials which I use and n8n read it using workflow to create all credentials. because setting credentials up each time i setup n8n is a long process.

Hey @MXA_Music!

Setting up credentials via a file currently is not possible. If you’re setting up your own n8n instance, you can probably add the credentials to the code, build the image, and then deploy it.

Alternatively, you can add your credentials to a database (or Google Sheets) and fetch the data from there.

Thank you so much for quick response :blush: @harshil1712
Database should be fine or even JSON object is even better because i use NoSQL DB is there a guide on how to do it parse it if its google sheet, db or JSON Object

Hey @MXA_Music,

We currently don’t have a guide on that. But you can learn how others did this on the forum. I’ll try to search for some links.