Share your workflows with me

Hello community,

I am Lars, co-founder of a Software-Startup in Dresden/Germany.

We host the webdev meetup Dresden next monday and one of our topics is

We want to talk about how we use automation-software, espacially n8n-io and what things are possible with it.

To have a more open focus and to show what’s possible, useful and what others made on n8n-io, I would love to get your workflows and ideas and processes, to talk about it next monday.

Its just to show the meetup audience, what other people or companies build on top of n8n-io.

  • Can you show me your workflows?
  • In which szenarios do you use n8n-io?
  • How does it make your processes lighter?
  • Which other software do you integegrate?

Thanks for your support.


I can only mention n8n io twice, cause its interpreted as an url. Thats why I wrote “n8n-io”

Hello @lars_van_lehman welcome to the community!

Thanks, that sounds great!

Did you already see this website with some example workflows?

And this page with the currently existing integrations:

Here some generic use-cases which currently come to my mind what most people use n8n for:

  • syncing data between different services and databases
  • up-time monitoring & alerts
  • logging data
  • chat bot creation
  • bash script replacement
  • backend replacement

About the URL limit. I think that limit is in place by default for new accounts to avoid spamming.

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