What's the most useful thing you're using n8n for at work?

We all know n8n can be used for a ton of stuff. What have you used it for that made your work life (or your co-worker’s lives) easier?


I nominate @tanay to kick things off :slight_smile:


Okay, this will be a list that I’ll also add to over time :slight_smile:

  • Automated check of docs coverage - it runs every week and posts results in the DevRel channel. It is also connected to a /docs command in Mattermost.
  • Release graphics generation - Generates those release graphics that we share via social media channels.
  • Release new n8n versions to n8n.cloud - I built it with @Ben and it’s very useful for the team.

Curious about these? Check out my talk on ChatOps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6MMYlbcvxI :wink:


I nominate @mcnaveen, @pradilla, @Miquel_Colomer, @maxT, and @harshil1712 :slight_smile:


Thank you @tanay!

I use n8n in my work to fix next use cases:

  • Detect and notify internally overdued invoices.
  • Scrape data from websites (like ProductHunt or directories) to populate/update internal tables.
  • Create new channels (like Telegram) to get requests from our customers.
  • Replace and control execution of existing jobs (instead of using system crontabs).

Hope this would be helpful for the community :slight_smile:


Thank you @tanay !

Sorry I was busy relaxing myself, Since n8n is taking care of everything. :crazy_face:

I use n8n for these things:

  • Take care of Account Creation when the Customer Purchases my digital product.
  • Using Outgoing Webhook of Netlify to get Site build notification to my Telegram

More than that

Going Further…

Ditched Buffer…


The basketball bot made me smile! A paper-scissors-stone one would also be really cool.

Who do you nominate, @mcnaveen?


I nominate @RicardoE105 & n8n Team.

Love to know how n8n is used effectively inside n8n team apart from what @tanay bro shared.


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Tanay already mentioned the ones I use!

But one of the workflows that I really like is the one we use to check for documentation. Every week the workflow executes and informs us which node needs to be documented.


ahh, I had the feeling you will nominate me @mcnaveen

To answer your question. I have been using n8n to deploy n8n itself. I needed to deploy n8n instances from a particular branch quickly. Why? to rapidly gather feedback from community members and coworkers. Before, I will have them either test the new features (since they are the ones with the domain knowledge) locally or wait for the feature to be released and finally report back. That works well if the person has a technical background. Else, there is not much they can do. Also, even if you have a technical background, it takes some time to do it, and it can be tedious.

Now, I can quickly create instances from a branch that includes the feature I want them to test and send them the credentials privately.

Currently, I just run the workflow manually when I need an instance. I want to extend it to deploy instances from Mattermost. Probably using Interactive Dialogs and Slash Commands. That way, my coworkers (@Leoni ) can use it without needing me.

So far, @Leoni it’s the only one taking advantage of this. She can attest to this.

But yeah, that is the main idea. I have not had the time to keep working on it. I probably will work on it in the next hackathon. Taking about the hackathon, today I received an invitation to the next hackathon on Fri, Jun 25 :eyes:.

I nominate @svenjanssen


Inspired by BasketBall Bot. Lol

Ha ha :crazy_face:

What you have shared is amazing.

Excited to know how you do that.

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Thank you, @RicardoE105 Better late than never.
The most useful thing for n8n at work is so hard to say because I use it in many ways.

But one of the head twisting ones is a very short one, in which I upstream sync n8n github repository to my forked repository with a chron node and 2 http nodes - but it does the job. I was not able to do it in another automated way.

This updated repository will trigger the build automation for dockerhub. So I get an image which includes custom npm packages automatically using only ENV vars.

honorable mentions:
I got a workflow which does initial VServer setup. It is triggered by an email and sets up the basic stuff like pubkey auth with bash so I can start working with an initialized server and clean ssh.

So many more…:slight_smile:

I nominate you, because I answered your question most recently @alexhammerschmied


I use n8n mostly to sync woocommerce orders with a lot of custom fields to Mautic.

Also I use it for sending automated emails to several team members or other people if certain events occure.
And we sync a lot between mautic and google sheets.

I nominate @vuchl because of your resent help :slight_smile:


I use n8n at work for more transparent workflows which I usually would do as database triggers. So now instead of doing SQL in database triggers I use n8ns Webhooks to call into n8n and there I either run some scripts, call APIs, make decisions etc.

Also I use it to convert XML data and hydrate the date inside of the XML in preparation for getting it processed by our ERP system. This involves database lookups, data merging, API calls, data transformation and notifications via Microsoft Teams | Docs or E-Mails.

Getting data into n8n is usually via listening on IMAP mailboxes, reading from the filesystem or trigggers and base64 encoded data.

So for the next nomination, let’s get @Tephlon in here


So, this thread has really made me think about how I use n8n for myself plus some of the plans that I have for n8n in the future.

Right now, I use n8n to:

  • Monitor the TV shows that I am watching and make sure they are available on my multimedia system
  • Clean and manage my email
  • Building custom IoT hardware to run in-house with n8n
  • Collect information from web forms and use it to populate a number of different CRM products (e.g. Hubspot)

I am also working on a number of other projects that are in various states of completion. Some of these include:

  • Building an integrated network into my camping truck and trailer with n8n at the core for automation to:
    • Monitor vehicle and trailer information
    • Manage multimedia systems
    • Enable IoT management for system
    • Automate maintenance tasks
  • Designing an API based Bluetooth bridge so n8n can more easily control Bluetooth only devices and applications
  • n8n integration with voice assistance (i.e. Alexa, Google Assistant)
  • n8n AI integration (e.g. TensorFlow, OpenAI)
  • n8n based book management system
  • n8n based Lego sorting and custom set packaging system

Now, if I could only spend all my time working on these types of projects, then I would be set! Unfortunately, over the last number of years, I have grown rather fond of eating!