Sharing workflows with less technical people

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to create a “share” URL for a workflow? Or an easy way to generate a shareable template of sorts? Copy and pasting JSON is super easy, but I feel like many less-technical folks are intimidated by it. Also, JSON can’t be shared in twitter because of character constraints.

Usecase: I create a simple workflow to showcase an AI tool. I want to share this in my Twitter feed so that they can just plug in their credentials and start using it ASAP.

Ideally the URL or such would open a new workflow with a copy of my workflow. Then if they are not n8n users, they can signup right there without leaving the screen and start using the shared workflow immediately.

Can something similar to this be done right now?

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It’s a nice idea. Would be a bit of work to get this done as you need an n8n environment to open that JSON.
There is a demo option (like the one used on the forum) but that wouldn’t allow you to then configure and use the workflow.

But signing up would say you are embedding n8n?
Or are you talking about signing up in n8n cloud?

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I was thinking for N8n cloud as this usecase needs to optimize for speed and easiness for new/casual users.

If you have a self-hosted instance, this would still open up the workflow for you, where you can copy the flow to take it to your instance.

The idea would be to have full workflow interaction even without an n8n cloud user. It would ask for user to sign up/log in only after a couple of test runs or when you want to activate it.

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Hi all, sounds like a nice idea to allow this outside of n8n workflow templates or the templates section inside the app. I’ll convert this into a feature request so you and other users can vote on it :slight_smile:

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