Simple IF NOT Empty not working?


I have a simple IF is not empty that evaluate a variable that is actually not empty but the node always goes to the FALSE branch. What am i missing ?

n8n Version : 0.202.1


Hi @skalg, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. It seems like you have removed the questions from the template when posting, so I am not 100% sure what your workflow looks like.

I was, however, able to reproduce the problem for Date values and shall add this to our internal backlog for a fix.

Until then, perhaps you can consider changing your Date into a string for the comparison?

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Yes as String it’s working, Thank you.

And I have another issue with Datetime field in another post in this forum. Looks like the datetime is getting converted in SQL connector and not in others like MySQL.

Thank again,

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Glad to hear this worked for you, thanks for confirming! I am still catching up with older threads, so I should come across that other thread you mentioned soon :slight_smile:

Got released with [email protected]

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It’s working ! Thanks

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Hi, i found this post over the commit bug fix from github.

I have also the problem with chek if empty but i am on 0.205.0

tryed your work around with .toString() but this doesnt work.

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