Single Workflow Edit Frontend Api

The idea is:

Currently I am working on an application (comming soon, open source) and would like to have a better integration of n8n.
There is the n8n api that allows everything you can need: API reference - n8n Documentation
However I am missing one function.
I would like to have a possibility to let the user edit single workflows in an iframe without login input. No navigation in n8n should be allowed, only a single view (similar to the demo mode) only that you can edit the workflow here.

Here are two basic ideas:

Idea 1

Idea 2

My use case:

I would like to have a tighter integration in applications to use n8n even better.
With the api a workflow could be created and the user could edit it directly in the iframe.
So you don’t have to log in to n8n first.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

I can use it then :stuck_out_tongue:
In addition, other applications can also integrate n8n more tightly into their system.

Are you willing to work on this?

After the development of the application, I would work on it myself if I have a guarantee that it will be adopted. I do not like to work for nothing

sounds interesting.
It is however pretty much the definition of embedding the software more easily. So I do not think this will be high on the list for the normal n8n branch. Might be something they will look into for some kind of enterprise solution functionality. :slight_smile:

@BramKn I think if it’s an enterprise feature, hardly any vendor will integrate it into their application let alone the open source applications.
Personally, I would have less interest in integrating it directly into my application. I could not even test it myself then.

True, I do think however that something like this can already be done.
Just need a total nerd to do it. :sweat_smile:

Very likely and probably very hacky. Nevertheless, I would find it interesting to include it officially :).
An alternative idea would be to port the frontend as a standalone solution. So the json can be retrieved from n8n and then be processed via the standalone solution (without direct server connection).
The workflow could then be updated at n8n via the api with the json. But that would probably be a lot more work than building it directly into n8n.

You can do this now already. :slight_smile:
You will need a second seperate n8n instance.
When a workflow is chosen put that workflow on this seperate instance let them edit it and then push it back to the main instance.
Should be fairly simple to get this going.

But whether it is then worthwhile to install? I think that not many people will use it. But maybe they will? Oh who knows.