Slack - Scope required

We have been using the Slack node in our project.
This was working nicely, but suddenly gave me errors since a few days ago.

The solution was to check the scope that that Bot User has configured in Slack. It turns out that N8N needs the users.profile:read scope in order to verify the credentials. This is not mentioned on the FAQ: Slack | Docs

However, the credentials do not work without it. It took me looking at the source code on GIT n8n/Slack.node.ts at 007cc96642b41706346d3f50cbf469e1302979dd · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub to find this out and fix it, it would be helpful to add this to the FAQ.

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Hey @laurens-novyx,

Did anything change before it stopped working? I don’t have users.profile:read in our Bot that is up and running but I did add users:read to ours yesterday so I could play with some of the user features.

I remember reading somewhere that Slack were playing with the scopes and they had to be updated. I think the credentials documentation just tells you to look at Slack and see what they say you need.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else is going to hit this issue.

Hi Jon,
the Slack documentation does not mention that you need this scope, probably because it is not mandatory, because the functionality works without it. N8N uses an API request to test whether the credentials work when you input them, this test needs the users.profile:read scope in order for it to be successful. I think N8N should update their documentation because the dependency on the scope comes out of their implementation (or use a different test that requires no scope).

So does this mean the workflow works and the only issue is the credential check?

Hey @laurens-novyx,

Thanks for sharing the details. I wonder if there’s an API that can be used to test without the need to add the users.profile:read scope. @RicardoE105 do you think we can change the API to a general one?

Probably yeah