Hi, i have an error with an Email Server (SMTP) . Any Idea ?

ERROR: 140465105861960:error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number:…/deps/openssl/openssl/ssl/record/ssl3_record.c:332:

Error: 140465105861960:error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number:../deps/openssl/openssl/ssl/record/ssl3_record.c:332:

Port, URL, Credentials are right !


Are you using docker? If so do you use the default image? In this case you could try the image ending with -ubuntu. This will probably solve this issue as there seem to be some SSL related problems with Alpine (which the default image uses).

Hi Jan, Yes i use docker on a AWS EC2 Instance.

I try it.

Hey @Stefan,

Can you confirm that the mail server that you are connecting to actually requires SSL? From what I can find, this often occurs when you attempt to connect via SSL when SSL is not enabled on the other end.

Hope this is not a red herring but it is worth a quick look.

What is about TLS ? Is this workable ?

Hey @Stefan,

What specifically are you asking about TLS? TLS and SSL are essentially the same thing. According to this website:

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the successor protocol to SSL. TLS is an improved version of SSL. It works in much the same way as the SSL, using encryption to protect the transfer of data and information. The two terms are often used interchangeably in the industry although SSL is still widely used.

It is worth a try but I am uncertain as to what the results may be.