SNMP node request to perform automation

Can we have snmpnode in n8n , which helps to a lot of network engineers

What helps network engineers
snmp basically helps to retrieve the information from network devices like switches routers , and with the addition of snmp node to n8n its turns into huge advantage for those who wanna perform network automation

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Very interesting. Have literally not the slightest idea about snmp (honestly is the first time I read about it). For that reason one question about it. I assume you mean having a generic SNMP node, similar to the HTTP Request node?

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@jan Yep jan just like http node , if we have snmp and that retrieves the data from network devices it will be great advantage to retrieve the data

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It’s very interesting, ALL network administrator and It support should use this Tool. Is relative simples, but the problema is a dictory info. Should have a way to import vendors smnp oid and node knows some standart oid.

@Fabio_Valentim n8n is basically an application and it relies on the host machine for snmp functionality

lets say i have a device whose snmp mib file is loaded to host /usr/share/snmp/mib directory & when n8n makes a call it relies on the host snmp mib and retrieves the info

i hope this should be enough , because as an application its not necessary for the application to contain snmp directory