Socks5 support in http request node

One year ago this was discussed: Socks5 support in http request node?

I am using the desktop version nowadays.

How can I make the HTTP request go via a socks5 proxy in the desktop setup?

When doing things in bash is as easy as this:

I first just get my IP from AWS and get the IP. Then I tell “this next request, via proxy” and it works.

Shouldn’t it be inside n8n as easy as it is with bash+curl to change the proxy on a per-node basis?

Any more community members feeling the same?

Hi @xmontero, I don’t think there are any plans tbh, though I know @RicardoE105 is working on an HTTP Request node overhaul these days. Perhaps he can share more on this topic?

I just had a quick look, and without putting much thought into it, I do not think it will be too difficult to add. Changed this topic to a feature request. Please make sure you upvote it.