Socks5 support in http request node

One year ago this was discussed: Socks5 support in http request node?

I am using the desktop version nowadays.

How can I make the HTTP request go via a socks5 proxy in the desktop setup?

When doing things in bash is as easy as this:

I first just get my IP from AWS and get the IP. Then I tell “this next request, via proxy” and it works.

Shouldn’t it be inside n8n as easy as it is with bash+curl to change the proxy on a per-node basis?

Any more community members feeling the same?

Hi @xmontero, I don’t think there are any plans tbh, though I know @RicardoE105 is working on an HTTP Request node overhaul these days. Perhaps he can share more on this topic?

I just had a quick look, and without putting much thought into it, I do not think it will be too difficult to add. Changed this topic to a feature request. Please make sure you upvote it.

Big upvote on this. Using ChangeDetection to do socks5 connections today and push data to n8n with webhooks. If this was in n8n, I could move all that into n8n instead.

It would be suuuper nice to have a socks proxy option for basically every http based node (like OpenAi, …), but starting with the http node itself would be a big help as well. :+1: