Sort view to NOT default to 'last updated' every time you click back into workflows

This is a simple one.

It would be nice if, considering there are no folders, if the ‘sort view’ didn’t return to the default ‘Sort by last updated’ every time you click from a workflow back to the ‘Workflows’ tab.

I only have maybe 30 automations, but there is visually so much stuff, so finally I’ve got good naming conventions. So I sort by name, but as soon as I click into a workflow to check for something, then click back out, I’m lost again, and have to re-sort.

Seems like it would be nice to lock it into certain ‘sort by’ styles when you want to.

Absolutely agree, I’m only at 10 automations and am already searching for automations all the time :sweat_smile:

I think this could even just be stored in local storage, making the implementation even simpler.

If wanted I could try to PR it :slight_smile: