Sorted columns for Workflow Execution-screen

I think it would be a nice function to be able to sort the columns of the Workflow Executions screen. Currently it is always sorted by by the column ‘Started at / ID’ based on the most recent execution.

I would like to be able to sort by the other columns, especially Running time. For me, I sometimes have hundreds of executions but most are under 1 second. Then, I want to find the ones that have taken longer than a second which can be a lot of work when scrolling down and clicking the Load more button a lot of times.

(A filter would also be nice, I understand this is more difficult since we are dealing with continuous values. However, a split like: 0-1 seconds, 1-5 seconds, 5-10 seconds, 10+ seconds would already be very useful.)

Thanks, Laurens. A redesign of this screen is on the roadmap. Tagging @maxT for visibility.

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It would also be nice to be able to sort the Open Workflow page so we can only see the active workflows or inactive workflows.

Not sure if it will be done as part of the same work or if you want a second request for it.

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Thanks for the request @laurens-novyx ! Our current concept for the Executions view update currently includes ability to sort by all columns. It’s also planned to have filtering functionality so should generally be rather flexible.
The initial update will likely have some basic filters, but the scaffolding will be in place to keep building those out based on user feedback. As for filtering run times, would the slider pattern used for filtering prices in ecommerce websites be intuitive for you? Or would you find a handful of selectable options (0-1sec, 1-5sec etc) more useful?

Examples of slider price filtering


This looks awesome.

I think that could be very intuitive and resolve my problem!

That’s great to hear! Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, will definitely keep this in mind once we break ground on implementing this.