Spreadsheet file node - how to return a single row

Looking up values with the Google Sheets node is a breeze but what do we do with the normal spreadsheet node?

I have an ID column in the spreadsheet and I just want to return a json array for the specified row

How do I do this?

Hey @wgicio, so you’d like to have the data of only a single row from your spreadsheet based on a specified ID?

Since the Spreadsheet File node doesn’t include a filter option you’d need to add an IF node to achieve this:

This would let you search for a given ID and only keep the result:

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I didnt think of using the IF node as a filter - Learn something new everyday!
Thanks for your help:)

After switching out of testing phase with my workflow and using an expression to lookup the spreadsheet Identifier I’ve discovered that the IF node wont return a true value if it comes in the form of an expression, even just a static number does not work. Looks like a bug:(

Hey @wgicio, this would be because an expression value like this would return a string by default:

If you wrap 9346 in the curly braces that are used to identify expressions like {{9346}}, the comparison would work as expected:

I’m using a set node and setting the data as a number with the expression
It looks like its not respecting the data type and the spreadsheet node is trying to lookup a string.

I’ve changed the column type in the spreadhseet to plain text and it works for now, but I still think something is buggy

I have a function code which sets a string

The following Fails with the IF node filtering

Now if i change the IF node to not an expression it works as expected and the single result is TRUE

What am i missing here, does this IF node not filter with expressions at all?