Spreadsheet node to create a workbook with multiple sheets


Is it possible to use the core spreadsheet node to create a workbook with multiple worksheets in it? I can see how I would achieve this with the Google sheets node, but I need to avoid this if possible.

I will be performing multiple extracts from a Postgres database and I want each of these extracts to be pushed into a worksheet of it’s own within the same workbook. I can see how to do this and output each of the data extracts to a spreadsheet of its own, but I can’t see how to do multiple worksheets within a single spreadsheet.

Just looking to see if it’s possible.


Hey @scottjscott,

I played a bit with the Spreadsheet File node, and I don’t think it is possible to create different sheets in the same file. Can you turn this into a Feature Request so that we can implement this? :slight_smile:

All done @harshil1712 .

Just to set my expectations, is this the kind of thing that is likely to get implemented in a matter of weeks or is it more likely to take months to rise up the queue? I ask, because using things like google sheets and excel for this is really very difficult, especially with the increasing use of MFA on cloud tenancies (i.e. makes connecting to cloud services from n8n really complicated).