Spreadsheets support for XLSX [GOT ADDED]

Currently Spreadsheets support CSV, HTML, and Excel, it is possible to support the XLSX? as this is compressed it is smaller when sending it via email?

I added “xlsx” format. It will be released with the next version.

But just fyi: My test-file is 15.0kb as “.xlsx” and 3.6kb as “.xls”.

Not sure if that size advantage comes into play when there are larger amounts of data.

Thanks! I am having a couple of list of alarms that are in 2000-3000 rows to be sent via email, and it is in the MBs ranges when saved using XLS, those kind of file compress nicely in XLSX

Ah then its good if it improves with larger files.

Got released with [email protected]

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I have just tested the XLSX convertion, but will need to investigate more as the XLSX are not smaller then XLS… seems like it is not compressed correctly.

4200 rows with 29 columns XLSX file from n8n is about 7 MB, but when I save as in MS Excel it goes down to only ~900 KB

Fyi. We did not write that functionally ourselves, that would be way to complex. n8n uses this great module instead:

Maybe you find information regarding that there.

Just checked this out. Looks like the library we are using by default (at least with XLSX files) do not compress the file you have to explicitly pass that option as a parameter. Tested with and without it and saw the difference.


Can we add the parameter to compress it by default for XLSX?

Or maybe put compression as an option in the node…?

@Tephlon @tony it’s not gonna compress everything by default but I will add an option parameter that when set to true will compress the file.

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Good call! Depending on the compression levels, size of the file and the type of data in the file, compression can take up a considerable amount of CPU, potentially rendering your system unresponsive for a period of time.

It’s always good to have options! :slight_smile:


Fantastic! It is always good to have options

Just sent a PR adding this @tony. We will let you know when is released.

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Thanks a lot @RicardoE105!

Got released with [email protected]

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Updated, and I see the size changed from 7MB to 2MB by enabling compression.


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