Sticky Note colors [created]

Hey folks!

It would be neat to be able to set a different color to the sticky notes. I like to use them vor grouping and descriptions. Color can be used to display intend there. Maybe a small color palette of 8 hand picked colors to fix N8Ns design and also a custom color picker + transparent colors to only have a border would be neat.

Cheers Sebastian

This would be fantastic to see added. Allows for overall better organization of commenting etc.


Yes would love to see this as well!

I would love to see this implemented, it would make complex workflows much easier to read!

Yes I upvote this, cause now I am using the sticky notes as “group organizer”
like screen:

Would be really great if we can change colors.
And also add a comment system maybe!

Yes and … as long as we’re wishing for stuff:

  • It would be nice if when moving and resizing sticky notes they would snap to the grid
  • It would also be amazing if sticky notes had an input that would accept programmatic changes to color and contents.