Store customized nodes for reusability

Right now, I have around 4 workflows that share similar processes, one of then is to make an HTTP request to the same service’s API, with the exact same format and expression for the body payload.

It would be quite useful to be able to store custom nodes, so that we could easily drag and drop into different workflows. In my scenario, is not worth it to create a full specialized node, but it would be lovely to be able to just start a new workflow and drag it from a “Personal nodes” sidebar.

A cool addition for this, would be to keep (or not) those in sync as needed, so if I change the node’s property in one workflow, that property would change in all workflows. This obviously needs to be an opt-in setting.

Hi @Couto !

Thanks for your suggestion. We have a conceptual feature that I think could encompass what you’re looking for with this request. Would essentially be “subflows” or node groups, where you can group 1 to many nodes together, then select which node parameters should be “promoted” to the subflow level.

So could be a 5 node process, but at the parent WF level (i.e. before going “into” the subflow), there is just one parameter for “email”, which is needed by one of the nodes in the subflow. It’s not on our immediate roadmap but something we’ve discussed with some enthusiasm internally and could be considered once a few other key features are rolled out (like user management).

When we do spec out that sort of functionality, we’ll keep in mind the case of using it for single node subflows, and how these could be easily accessible between workflows (i.e. centralized library).