Streaming service APIs

I know this is a big ask, but the more n8n could interact with the existing set of APIs and more streaming services APIs it’d be a big help to both Red Hat and the Kubernetes community.

The K8s community has a need to ship video from Zoom to YouTube pretty much after every meeting in the community.

Red Hat, myself, in particular, could utilize this to be able to provide quality interactions across platforms we’re streaming too. As well as helping share out videos once they pass a certain threshold (as opposed to our ad hoc way of doing things now).

Please consider adding additional APIs for streaming services (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, LinkedIn, etc.).

I’m happy to provide additional context or color to this request. I would happily test these features too before they were released publicly. In general, I’m here to help although not a coder.

Thank you,
Chris Short

Welcome to the community @ChrisShort!

It would be great if you create a separate Feature Request for each node you want to have created and clearly list which functionality you require. That would make it easier to track and people can then also upvote in which node they are also interested in. We can then create them one by one over time. Thanks a lot!