[Suggestion] New Nodes shown in the UI AND/OR tags to show updated nodes

Just a suggestion, but would it be worth adding a little red “NEW” text next to new nodes that have been recently added to n8n for the first 3 or 4 times the users open the UI after a node has been added? I know sometimes I wonder what has been added and have no idea until I have to go and look at the changelogs… this might be a lot easier for people to see the new updates/nodes.


maybe also have one on the category menu section so people know what section its in too. just a thought


@RedPacketSec I like this idea and oddly enough @maxT raised an internal idea to show updates in the UI. I am going to add this thread to the idea :raised_hands:


Nice idea, maybe simply the possibility to order the list with date added or updated.
Would probably be easier than determining which should get new/updated, for example if some releases were skipped etc.


any more thoughts on this?