SuiteCRM Integration

A SuiteCRM Integration would be great as it is one of the best OpenSource CRM systems on the market.

@svenjanssen The newer versions of SuiteCRM uses OAuth2, which is currently not supported by n8n. I don’t know if it can be done as of right now.


@patrick It is now supported for beta testing:

@svenjanssen could you explain a bit the use case you are interested in?

@svenjanssen I see, will check it out.

@svenjanssen Can’t find the DM functionality right now, please reach out to me

A CRM is the place, where I create a structure around my business relationships meaning targets, leads, contacts and companies. All of those can have addresses, but only a company will have invoices and only human type objects have call-logs.

I need to receive, create and update any type of object, most importantly customers and accounts, but soon to be followed by invoices, calls…

The usecase is that I want to log any piece of information which I get to know about the customer in the CRM and share it with my other systems (Accounting Software). For example: A new customer signs up on the website -> CRM. The customer makes an order -> CRM. I call him and we agree on something -> CRM. He updates his banking info -> CRM.

Maybe you want to look into (they offer testaccount), they implemented the old API (V4) in a way, that the fields are being pulled dynamically by the node. I can not really tell you how it is done technically, but it is very sophisticated and easy to use (integromat is not, though… :))

Please let me know how I can further clarify the matter to you. Cheers

Understood @svenjanssen. Will check it out. Maybe I can create let’s say leads and @quansenB can add the rest?

Sure we could do that. I’m still unclear however if we could at this point pull the available operations from suite dynamically. What would be possible for pseudo dynamisation would be to just have sting fields to let the user pick the resource to operate on and a data field to put in n8n workflow expressions. what are your thoughts on that @RicardoE105

one more thing, please check out the open API / swagger docs

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Sorry for the late response. Was a busy week.

We would have to give both options. Not technical users should be able to see all the fields available and set the ones they want and more advance users can you just send a JSON with the whole data where they can use expressions.

If that does not answer your question simple get back to me.

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Yes I agree. Having both would be great. So if I understood correctly you’d want to implement “Leads” right? So what do you think about you implementing Leads the static way and me tackling the “advanced users mode”?

@quansenB Yeah, no problem but, I’m working on other nodes right know. Will take me a little longer than usual.