Supabase Credentials - Permission Denied

Guys, I have an error in the supabase credentials. It was working a while ago. I have the supabase free account, so I had to reactivate the project. I did the whole procedure of updating the n8n and deleting and re-including the credentials as per the n8n documentation. What else can I do to fix this?

Hey @Guilherme_Hirsch,

Just gave it a test here with my supabase account and all seems to be good, Have you double checked the URL and the key? I know sometimes it can take a while for an instance that has been reactived to fire up fully as well so it could just be a time thing.

Hey, @Jon ! I did the same procedure several times. And I checked the documentation to see if I made any mistakes. I’ll wait a while. If it works, I’ll update this post here.

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I tried later, but to no avail. I made a copy for a new project, working correctly.

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