Support for streakcrm - Streak - CRM for Gmail

Streak - CRM for Gmail(

is a free add on in Gmail that lets you organise emails into pipelines and at certain tags and fields to them.

The free tier is useful for small businesses to use as a small CRM right within Gmail.

It also has other features such as mail merge and email tracking.

My use case:

To use this you have to add emails into a pipeline manually. Currently I’m using this in zapier, to automatically insert my emails into pipelines depending on where the email came from and adding certain data such as the date of the enquiry.

I would like to move my automation away from this zapier and use it here. Basically a node will support adding an item to a pipeline, and filling in any fields that are relevant.

Streak API – Developers

Streak is really great. And if you need this solution fast, I can recommend looking at their API - I’ve found it’s quite straightforward to use. You can probably build the actions you need with an HTTP node very quickly.

I’m quite new to this and I don’t really understand how to get started. Are there examples of other things that have been built that I can follow

I couldn’t find any examples for Streak, but you can search our Workflows library for tons of examples for other applications:

Sadly Streak no longer has a free version and at 49 USD per month for the basic plan there are a wealth of options if you have an extra $50 on top of the dozen other monthly subscriptions you already have.

Therefore I’m removing my request for this integration.