Support for Voice Assistants [Google / Siri / Alexa]

I’d love to see n8n support voice assistants like Google Assistant / Siri / Alexa.

I can see real benefits being able to trigger workflows, return and read out data, and a host of other things to improve life.

Hey @hellotimking!

Thank you for opening this Feature Request. Are you asking for a node for these services? Or do you want to have an app that executes your n8n workflow via voice?

Please don’t forget to upvote your request :slight_smile:

I’d love to see n8n support a trigger node you can use to kick off workflows based on voice input from voice assistants, more specifically for my case would be Google Assistant and Siri, but Alexa would be good also.

Other automation tools like Zapier has integration for Google Assistant, as does IFTTT.

Basically, for the same thing to be available in n8n to trigger and execute workflows, and even to read out data results (as IFTTT allows).

Not familiar with any of those platform but if they allow you to create web-hooks via the UI, this can be easily achieved with the Webhook node.

I’m surprised that you’re not familiar with the platforms I’ve mentioned.

Zapier and IFTTT are direct competitors to n8n and I’m sure we’ve all used voice assistants.

Not familiar does not have to mean he did never hear of them, it just means that he never wrote code for them, which is a big difference.