Syncing data between and Motopress Hotel Booking

Heelo community,

I am newbie and I want to syncing the booking data between a hotel booking system in my website (Motopress) with The idea behind it: Those two apps syncing through iCal and it will only block the calender without send any customers Info.

What I want to achieve: Only send customer data from to my website, so I will use the booking system in my website as my control center.

Every 5 Minutes:

  • Check all the booking in and retrieve data from it
  • Update the customers Info (Input Name,Email, etc) for each room_id in Motopress.
  • Delete a booking in Motopress if the booking in was deleted (canceled)

What is the best way to implement it in n8n?

Thank you so much!!

Hi @chrisade ,

The answer to your question is not simple, nor quick to execute in a workflow.

On the one hand, the synchronization that you mention through .ics is a limitation of the WordPress Motopress plugin. Actually, has a well documented API, and even supports launching different events through webhooks. So a Workflow approach could be:

  1. Configure in a webhook to trigger the workflow when a new booking occurs, data is updated or the booking is cancelled.
  2. Through the API and with the booking ID from the webhook, retrieve all the booking and customer data.
  3. Create through the MySQL node the query to create, update or delete the reservation in Motopress. In principle, Motopress stores its data in Custom Post Types, so all the information should be stored, both in the wp_posts table and in the wp_postmeta table.

It is difficult to give a better approximation, since I don’t have access to the API and I have only been able to see how Motopress works in its demo. Even so, there are some points that you should take into consideration, such as creating a custom field in the booking, as well as in the Motopress client to store the ID corresponding to the API. Otherwise, it will be more complex to find the fields you need to create, update or delete in the WordPress database.

It is not a complex integration, but it is not a workflow that we can recreate in this forum, precisely because of the lack of access to the applications you want to connect.

I hope that at least, it serves you as a guide when planning your initial workflow.


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Hi @martinhache ,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I am glad that I can find the way to realize.

Many greetings

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