System information in CLI


We are running n8n on our own server, deployed via NPM.

We use systemctl to run n8n automatically.
We pass the environment variables with a file in systemctl.

When we use the CLI, the environment variables are not used. It’s normal.

To be sure which variables are used, can we have a command to see a summary of the environment of the cli :

  • database url and database name
  • number of workflows
  • number of users
  • running mode

It will help to debug the configuration.

Thank you

Some of this are things that I think we should have in the UI under the About info, Maybe not users and workflow counts as it doesn’t seem needed but other env options would be very useful.

I think both.

In the cli, the interest is to be sure the environment is the same as the server.

But definitely it would be great to have it in the UI !