Tagging variables for mailjet

The idea is:

Mailjet allows tagging sent emails using two properties (CustomID and Payload) with any custom information.

These custom tags are included in the events triggered by their Event API (using webhooks)
Currently, the Mailjet n8n node does not allow these two metas to be passed (under the Additional Fields)

Also, the JSON Parameters toggle is valid for passing variables in raw format for the mailjet templates but message meta.

My use case:

These metas are very beneficial for tracking mail events (open, click, delivered, etc.) using Mailjet’s Event API.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

When accessing the Events API, marketers cannot ascertain precisely what email content was clicked/opened. Tagging emails at the time of sending can be highly beneficial and specific workflows can be initiated when something happens to the sent mail.

Any resources to support this?

Here’s the JSON structure for tagging emails according to the Mailjet API documentation.

Please note CustomID is just a single line text while Payload can be XML, JSON, CSV, etc. This must not be confused with template variables, which are different and works perfectly with n8n.

Are you willing to work on this?

I can help in testing.