Target nested changing values

GM all,

I have this weird thing that I don’t seem to be able to target a value within the input data. Let me explain:

the json file would be something like:

key1: value1,
key2: [userID:[key4:value4, key5:value5], key6:value6]
(its not valid json, I know, just to illustrate :wink: )

so, userID (key3 basically) keeps changing name. I need to target key/value pair 4.
my thought was that I could just target it with: {{$json[“key2”][0][“key4”]}}
But this doesn’t work - what am I doing wrong?

Hi @bees8
You are pretty close, but need to grab the values of the first part
and then grab the first key4 (if this was an object and not an array)

Its quite hard to give you an example without a good example of the data :wink:

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