Telegram buttons and the wait for webhook node questions

I am sending a message to a telegram bot, and then using the wait for webhook node to wait for the reply before continuing. That works fine if I just use text links in the message I am sending telegram from n8n and insert the wait node webhook.
eg: Please tap [Go]({{ $execution.resumeUrl }}?answer=go) or [No]({{ $execution.resumeUrl }}?answer=no).


I want to make this work with buttons so I have added in an additional telegram node to send buttons that would replace the text tap option. I have added [Go]({{ $execution.resumeUrl }}?answer=go) to the call back data field but it seems either

  • the webhook is not being generated on execution

  • telegram is not sending the webhook back when the button is tapped

  • the webhook is not being recognised by the wait node

Because the wait node just waits for ever.

The work flow shared here is a part of a bigger workflow where a telegram chat is initiated and a chat ID created and then used in this action telegram nodes

Share the output returned by the last node

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Any one have any idea how to get this working?

you want to use a telegram trigger no?

CleanShot 2024-06-28 at 15.00.03@2x

Not in this use case. I am sending information to telegram for a customer to make as approved or not approved.

I want to use buttons for that function and tie that in with the wait for webhook feature of n8n’s wait node

I have got it working with Telegram1 node but not with the buttons. Had a quick search and found the below thread which goes into more detail with using the buttons

have a look here and modify for your use


I did go through that thread and the workflows in the detail before posting as I could not get it to work.

I think I am making a mistake in configuring the telegram node that is using providing the telegram buttons as I can’t get the buttons to active the n8n {{ $execution.resumeUrl }} webhook like I can when sending clickable text.

Is the issue not with the Go and No before the URL? I would have thought those would make the URL invalid.

I have tested with various iterations, and every time the wait node just keeps waiting.

Here is a test work flow and a loom video showing the action

The loading doesn’t seem to suggest it has finished loading, Does Telegram expect a specifc response back?

No idea,

If you look at the 1st telegram node in my original post, I am using the resume-url with text rather than buttons and that works perfectly.

I think the loading I am seeing in Telegram is telegram trying to load the webhook url as when I use the text based option it actually loads a web page with a success message.

Maybe the webhook url is not being loaded? Not sure how to investigate.

Hey @Robm,

You could try using something like for the urls and see if you get the request to the URL it gives you that could be a good starting point.

At some point today I do want to test this though.

Aa the resume_urls are generated dymanically when the automations runs, how would I know what url to test with