Telegram Userbot Node (TDLib)

The idea is:

Create a new Telegram Userbot node that utilizes the TDLib library and gets the full ability to interact with Telegram servers with your User.

My use case:

I would like to be able to create Userbots within N8N and get all the possibilities of a normal client + N8N automation: with the current Telegram node only bots can be created, with several limitations.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Just few of many examples:

  1. Interact with channels and groups: a Userbot can join/read channels and groups and interact with other users, which can be useful for scraping data, moderating groups and much more.
  2. Respond to private messages: Unlike normal bots, Userbots can respond to private messages from other users. This can be useful for creating automated answers.
  3. Schedule messages: Userbots can schedule messages using the Telegram native feature.
  4. Get more API events: for example bots don’t know when a message gets deleted through the client
  5. Much much more… :man_mage:

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

Thank you in advance for considering my feature request, I know it’s not an easy request.
While I would love to see this feature added to N8N, I am unable to work on it at the moment.