Testers Wanted: New Supercharged N8N Dashboard Built in Coda!

Hey n8n workflow builders! :slight_smile: Using the n8n public API, I built a Coda Pack and used it to create a supercharged dashboard for n8n using a Coda Doc.

This is the n8n dashboard and control panel I’ve always wanted - it adds a number of super helpful features that I’ve always missed in n8n’s own dashboard. I’m looking for some n8n regulars to test this out and give feedback! Please reply here (or DM me on twitter, I’m much more responsive there) and I’ll share the Doc and Pack with you - it’s still pre-release for the moment, but I’m planning on making this publicly available next week.

You can easily connect both your cloud instance and/or your self-hosted instance!

In addition to all of the basic stuff you can do in n8n already (turn on, off, delete workflows, etc), here’s the really cool stuff you can do with this doc:

  • Turn off all workflows at once
  • Find workflows easily (filter by active, webhook, date created / date updated, search by name)
  • See which workflows are using which nodes (active vs inactive nodes, total number)
  • Can also search by node name, which is also pulled in
  • Get webhook IDs without ever having to open n8n. Get them straight from the Doc.
  • Get a summary of executions: graph of executions over time for each workflow, histogram of run time, split of executions across workflows
  • Find executions easily (filter by run-time, mode, finished / not finished, date, workflow)

Check out the pics and you’ll get a better sense of what this can do. WHO’S EXCITED?!
Should be a huge step up from the existing dashboard.


Hi @thatdudedenis,

that’s a nice looking dashboard! I would like to know if the information on execution count and/or time for each workflow is available even if executions are not saved.

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Hey @hchris1 ! Thanks, appreciate it. Let me know if you want to test it out.

The data only gets pulled if it’s actually getting saved to your n8n instance!

So you need to make sure all the settings are set correctly on the n8n side so that the data you care about is getting stored. Or else no one can access it cuz it doesn’t exist haha

Lmk if any other questions or if interested in testing it out. You can DM me on twitter.

Hey everyone! This dashboard is now live for you to try out :slight_smile: Simple set-up, should be pretty straightforward to get it up and running.

I posted about it here → There's FINALLY a nice dashboard for your n8n instance! (Built in Coda)

Feel free to check it out and lmk what you think!