TheHive - Organizations


I would like to express a need we (my team and myself) recently faced.

Missing Feature in TheHive5 Nodes

With the major update of TheHive in version 5, a new key feature was added : Organizations.
This allows to separate alerts/cases in different areas so it’s easier to handle.
Unfortunately, the TheHive5 nodes that have been added (which by the way are much more convenient than the ones we had before, big thanks for that !) don’t implement this Organizations feature.

My use case

We use 2 organizations : one for security incidents, the other ones for vulnerabilities.
We’d like to be able to use N8N to handle both those organizations alerts.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Organizations is a key feature of TheHive5.

Are you willing to work on this?

We tried doing it ourselves, but we didn’t manage to do something that was working.
→ In theory, we should just need to add a new field to TheHive credentials with :

  • “Organisation” as the key
  • The ID of the organization we want to use as the value

But we couldn’t make that work, so if anyone is willing to help, it’d be much appreciated <3