Thingsboard Integration anyone?

Has anyone tried to get n8n talking to Thingsboard?

Hi @CommuniG8 :wave: While I haven’t used Thingsboard myself, it looks like they do have an API: ThingsBoard API reference | ThingsBoard Community Edition

So you should be able to use a HTTP Request node to do what you need in n8n :slight_smile:

Hi thanks, yes I’m aware of the API. I just wondered if there had been any work done on a specific plugin for Thingsboard?

Had a peek there for you to double check - I don’t see a community node for it, I’m afraid :bowing_man: I’ll move this over to the feature requests section of our forums so our product team gets their eyes on this! It would also be helpful for them to know how you’d like to use Thingsboard and n8n together, too.

Yep I had a look there too, should have mentioned that, sorry. But thanks for your help.

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