Toggle inbound webhook node into test/produciton mode without changing URL

The idea is:

This comes from a GH issue, here: todoist oAuth connection broken with `invalid_scope` error. · Issue #5032 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

The gist is that I’d like to configure the incoming webhook URL with the sender once and be able to toggle between test and production mode within the editor without the URL changing.

Ideally, toggling between the prod and test mode for the webhook node would not result in a changed URL and instead the toggle would change what happens to incoming webhook payloads.

With a static incoming URL:

  • When in prod mode, the chain of nodes is active.
  • When in dev mode, the incoming webhook payloads are not routed to the chain and are instead shown just as they are now.

My use case:

I am (slowly) working on updating some old automation from the cron driven pull/sync then process then sync again flow to a more “real time” flow driven by incoming webhooks.

The integration that I am using only allows for ONE webhook URL and it’s a bit tedious to keep updating the oAuth settings on the sender side every time I need to switch between “show me the incoming webhook data” and “act on the incoming webhook data” modes.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Quality of life feature for rapid iterative development on automation where the web hook sender supports only ONE url/endpoint and - critically - does not show you what was in the payload.

Any resources to support this?

See earlier GH issue thread linked above for slightly more context.

Are you willing to work on this?

You don’t want me poking about in your JS code, trust me on this one :).