Toggle Running Current Node with Exact Current Input Data

The idea is:

A toggle on every node for debugging/developing to run the current node with the last/current input data vs running all previous nodes

My use case:

I need to develop with code nodes calling services that have a usage limit/cost, so keeping the current workflow data for that node(or a possibility to save current workflow up to a certain point for reuse in development)

Are you willing to work on this?


Hi @dakota2gen did you take a look at Data pinning - n8n Documentation ?

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That was a useful hint @dickhoning ! Thank you for this.

I was dealing with such problems like this: run the workflow once. Toggle the input data to be shown as json. Copy that JSON. Create a Code node with that JSON as returned value eg. return [{key: 2, otherKey: "wohooo"}];. Connect this node to the one you develop/debug and save that workflow.

Hi @dkrueger you’re very welcome!

I’ve also got a lot of ‘dummy/mockup’ code nodes in my workflows, where I store json for further/onward testing.

Thinking about this, perhaps it would be nice to have a ‘Mockup’ or ‘JSON Data’ node, where you just copy in JSON for testing/developing. And even nicer if this node would have a build-in JSON Validator (such as, and something like

I use these tools practically all the time when I’m developing workflows in n8n …

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