Transform table in table to objects in table

Hello - I’ve read a lot of posts, especially the one of @dickhoning - (thanks for sharing about) data format but was not able to find the one that resonate with me.
I’m trying to transform an array in an array into objects in an array.

Any idea?
Thanks a lot

Hi @fischera

Can you give a bit more info on that you are doing. So the input and expected output for example.

Also, there are 2 different types of function nodes. The normal one requires you to also reference the item structure, so you want to put the data into the JSON object within that item. It will run once for all items combined.
There is also an item function node which does not require this and runs for every item in the json object.
In your example there is no reference to the JSON object while using the function nodes.

Also, if you are referencing a post of a community member where something similar going on, please reference the post and not the community member that made it. We now have no way of knowing what post you are talking about, so we cannot help you by going to that post and seeing what it was about.

Hey @BramKn - Thanks for taking the time on this topic.
In the meantime, I’ve found a function return items[0].json allowing me to format the data in a way that I can filter the data correctly with an IF node.
In fact, without this node, I was stuck with a filter only on the first item [0].
PS: The article I was mentioning is the following :Data Transformation, Arrays, Object, Elements, Items, Functions, etc - #2 by dickhoning


So everything is fixed now? No further help needed on this topic?

Thanks @BramKn - This issue is set, I’ve open another thread for the next one :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the follow up !

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