Trigger: Notion updated DB item

I see that currently n8n has only the “new page” trigger. Some other serices have a bundle iof triggers, the most important of which is the “item updated” trigger.

For instance, has:

Arte there any plans to add such kind of triggers?


Good question. When we created the trigger, there was a limitation with the “item update” event. I do not remember what. But, back then, the API was in private beta. Maybe that is not a limitation any more.

Make sure you upvote the feature request.

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Upvoted, thanl you. Looking forward for more triggers.

Currently I am on Integromat, but would prefer this service.
Once you guys update this Notion trigger + Microsoft TODO event triggering, then I am all aboard.



I’m trying to figure out how to create a workflow for myself and the community that updates a Google Sheets spreadsheet to keep it in sync with a Notion database. Without a “Database Item Updated” event in the Notion Trigger node, this is looking like a complicated task.

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Just upvoted this - it’s critical for managing our workflows in Notion.

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