Trouble with webhooks - n8n in Plesk

So Plesk Obsidian has this Docker extension where you can easily download an n8n image from Docker Hub, and after opening the ports from the Plesk Firewall and the Azure VM, adding a DNS record pointing at my subdomain and installing an SSL certificate on top, I had n8n up and running!

But then, I realized webhooks weren’t working, and the same problem explained in this other post Webhooks not working was now happening to me:
1 - I cannot receive webhooks (Something went wrong - The remote end-point couldn’t be contacted - Error: 7 - Failed to connect to port 5678 after 1002 ms: Couldn’t connect to server)
2 - I can’t stop it listening to events

Any ideas? Does it have anything to do with the traefik image not coming with the n8n image?

PS: On top of that, I created a PostgreSQL database both inside Plesk and another one in Azure (PostgreSQL Flexible server) and tried to connect n8n to each one of them it by adding the necessary environment variables (DB_TYPE, POSTGRES_DB, POSTGRES_HOST, POSTGRES_NON_ROOT_USER and POSTGRES_NON_ROOT_PASSWORD) after creating a database inside them, but I never got it to work.

Hi @vicentemonton, welcome to the community :tada:

I am not a Plesk user, but this sounds like two separate problems here.

  1. The connection between your n8n frontend and server doesn’t work as expected, probably because server-sent events are blocked somewhere along the way. This often is because the respective reverse proxy server is misconfigured. If you are using nginx as a reverse proxy, you could find a working example config here for example.

  2. Not being able to connect to a local database suggests the respective database isn’t on the same network and can’t talk to each other. As for your Azure database I am not sure which values exactly you have used for configuring your connection and how your Azure database is configured. My best guess is a firewall somewhere preventing traffic from making it through, but this depends on the actual error you are seeing.

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Thank you very much @MutedJam , I’ll look into it!

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