Two separate Webhooks in one Workflow

Hey everyone,

I’m still figuring out n8n and have a rather basic question. I want to have two separate webhooks inside one workflow that get triggered at different times. The first one is started after a registration (workflow first row) and the second one a couple days later, if the user fulfilled certain requirements (workflow second row). A simple example like this:

Does it cause any issues having two different starting points inside one workflow? Or should I rather split up the first and second row into two different workflows?

Hi @Batijko, multiple triggers in a single workflow should be fine. If you have a lot of triggers the workflow might become harder to read but should still work.

It’s just important to know that you won’t be able to access execution data outside your current execution (so if your Webhook 2 node runs it won’t be able to read the data from a previous Webhook 1 run).

Hope this makes sense!

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Would there be any better solution for this particular workflow? You can imagine the first webhook gets triggered if a customer request a discount code. And after a couple of days whether the discount code is used or not the customer gets the right follow up mail. If everything is in one execution what does n8n do in the days of sending Mail 1 and executing Webhook 2?

Hey @Batijko,

What you have will work fine, The workflow will only run when called by the trigger in this case the webhook. Nothing is going to happen in your workflow between the URLs being called it will just be listening and waiting on one of the 2 URLs for the next request.