UI very slow with more than 100 nodes

Hi there,

I noticed that the ui is now very slow.
I have a workflow with more than 100 nodes and now it’s almost unusable.
Every action like adding a new node, moving it, opening and closing the details of the node, are super slow.
Worst, when I save the node name, or I connect new nodes, the entire browser freeze for minutes, and sometimes the page crash!

I’m running n8n on your cloud with version 0.138.0, but I tried the 0.139.1 and the 0.141.1 and they suffer from the same problem.
I use chrome as a browser.

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What version of n8n are you using? The n8n latest version, 0.141.0 has a fix that might solve your issue.

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for your reply.
I’m using version 0.141.1.
Unfortunately, no improvement for this issue

Thanks for the info. I will send this to my coworker in charge of the front-end. We will keep you posted.

What version of chrome are you using?

Chrome 94 but I tried with the latest safari and firefox too and it’s even worse.
With safari even when I type something it takes 10/15 seconds to write 1 single character

Hello, is this something you observe only for the big workflow? If so, it’s likely a Vue reactivity issue. I just created a big workflow with more than 100 Salesforce nodes and only notice latency when updating a node name or opening the workflow.
Can you share the workflow with us to help reproduce the issue?
Otherwise, can you can share a performance recording from the performance tab in Chrome when you perform different slow actions? That will tell us exactly where the problem is. You can upload it to another platform like Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link here.


yes, it happens only on big workflows. It starts gradually to increase the latency between operations when you add more nodes and connect them.
I cannot share the workflow, but I recorded various operations, like change node name, drag nodes, connect nodes, duplicate nodes.

Here is the link to download the results https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YQS345IItlL2TswJwd0ZmbqZwBC04Q0o?usp=sharing

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Thanks for sharing. I think I found the issue. Will work on a fix.

We are experiencing the same issues on large workflows, mainly when editing js nodes. Writing becomes very laggy almost unusable. Any updates on that fix @mutdmour ? Thanks for taking care of that!

I still need help reproducing the issues. I can reproduce the lag when node name is changed. But I cannot reproduce the other scenarios (dragging, connecting, duplicate).
What I found before was that UI becomes more laggy with a lot of expressions to the same node. Though that does not seem to be the issue here.