Using objectid type field, foreign key (MONGODB)

Hello everyone, first I would like to congratulate you on the tool, I have used it a lot, but a decisive factor in keeping the tool as the main means of development is the fact of the problem with mongo that I have read about in other topics, I would like to know if there is already any solution, I need to search via find or aggregate or any other way for an object using the foreign key, that is, it is not a “_id” field but any other name, and I can’t do it, even typing it via the javascript code node, has anyone gone through the same thing? problem, what was the solution?

Hi @Daniel_Duarte :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

While this is a feature request (and I’ll move it to the right forum for it so our product team can get their eyes on it), there is a workaround:

That should help you out in the meantime!

Thanks for the answer, this answer above doesn’t answer because when I use this in a more complex aggregate, it complains something about top level and so on.

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