Using PDF flow

I am trying to get the Read PDF | Docs running in a flow, I am extracting a pdf from a online URL with an HTTP request, but when it comes to the “Read Binary file”
I am getting the error

ERROR:The file “https://XXXXX/file.pdf” could not be found.

I guess my error is in setting up the right file path as I added it as the pdf name itself “/data/dummy.pdf”, but does not work, so I guess something should be replacing the “/data/” thank you very much.

My workflow

Hey @Jorge_M,

You are very close, When n8n downloads a file it keeps it memory so unless you are writing the file to disk using the Write Binary node you don’t need to use the Read Binary node.

To get your workflow working just delete the Read Binary node and it will just work as the PDF file is kept in the data variable.


Thanks a mil @jon, I actually always thought there would need to be a bridge between getting the data and reading the content prior to create further actions. It worked perfectly.