Read Binary File -

I am trying to find a way to read a PDF file on my computer to extract the data from it.
I tried the “read binary file” node but it only accesses server files, except the cloud version of n8n does not seem to offer a repository directory.
I tried through Google Drive but there is no way to recover PDF file through this.
Do you have any ideas?
Thanks for your help.

  • n8n version: 0.152.0
  • Running n8n via:

Hi @Gregory_CHAURAND, by reading PDF file I assume you want to use the Read PDF node, right?

If so, Google Drive should work just fine. I’ve tested this on by uploading a PDF to Google Drive, then running the below workflow on

Example Workflow

The file downloads just fine and the Read PDF node can parse the content:

Could you perhaps share some more details of the problem you have encountered when testing this?

Hi, thanks for the help, I just spent a little time figuring out how to find the id of a pdf file on the drive but it works fine. Thanks again