Using the Generic HTTP Request node and getting 429 Error too many requests while getting 200 success on API Logs

I am using a generic HTTP request node to call an API from RapidAPI and im getting error 429 too many requests. I’ve tried with many API providers and all the same.
While when checking the API logs i see that the same request that n8n showed as error 429 in the API log it was successful 200 and returned all the requested data.

I have read the previous similar topic:

and i made all the solutions there even i tried batching by using 1 item per batch also i have tried sending the query as a single entry fixed without using variables from the previous node. still it didnt work.

Describe the problem/error/question

Getting 429 error while the actual request shows it was successful 200 and responded with the data in the API log.

What is the error message (if any)?


Please share your workflow

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Im using n8n self hosted

Hey @mibrahim547,

A 429 error is fairly well documented across the internet and means you are making too many requests and the server you are connecting to is telling you to slow down.

Sadly there is no magic fix for this as it depends on what the API wants when you hit the limit, Some of them will return an amount of time you have to wait and others will just have a fixed value to wait. To work out what to do you will need to check the API doc for the service you are using and see what they recommend for the limits.

its my mistake yes the API has reached its “MONTHLY” limit and i was all thinking about the requests limit per minute…

The reason i was getting success and seeing code 200 with the data load is that in the rapidAPI log they will do process the request even though its above your monthly subscription limit but the response will go out as 429. They made me confused because their log and my log are different !!.

Sorry once again for the silly question but i hope no one else will get into the same trap !!

Hey @mibrahim547,

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