Value render mode/format on Google Sheet trigger

Hello everyone!!

Quick question about the google sheet trigger node:

On every other google sheet node, we have options to choose the rendering of the data format we require. These options could have different names, depending the actions: “Output Formatting”, “Cell Format” or “Value Render Mode”.

But when choosing the Google Sheets trigger node, it does not look we have this kind of option.

Is there a way to do it anyway?

Many thanks!! :smiley:

Hi @ineptie, this is actually available on the trigger node as well, but only if you select “Row Added” as the “Trigger On” option:

It doesn’t seem to be available in the other trigger modes yet, so for now I shall convert this question into a feature request, allowing you and other users to vote on having this implemented.

Hi @MutedJam,

Thanks for you reply. Unfortunately, I wanted to use this option with a “Row Updated” trigger.

Perfect for the feature request, I must thank you again :smiley:

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