Variable Node Names ! - for easier replication without manual node renaming and more efficiency

It would be really nice to have the possibility that variables could also affect node names.
For following reasons:

  1. often use Workflow templates
  2. Inside Workflows complete parts get replicated
  3. when copying a workflow or a part the nodes get named really ugly with /1 /2 /3
  4. If nodes could have variables effect their names that problem would be solved

I got that idea, because I often use a Set-Node at the beginning of the workflow to apply all settings and variables I need for this workflow right at the beginning. When I copy whole part including this first Set-Node and nodes after it, using its contents I can replicate similar cenarios really fast.
The only problem I have doing this, that alll the copied node names are a mess with /1 /2 /3 and on big workflows renaming that manually is quite a hussle.

Here a Set-Node, which could control the next nodes names if their names would accept its parameters:




I would be really happy to see that in the future of n8n. Let me know what you think about it?

I was also searching for something like this. It would be really helpful in managing Nodes if we are using a lot of same type of Nodes in a single workflow.