VSCode Extension / Deploying Functions via VSCode

The idea is:

VSCode Extension

Coming from RPA Automation and using Robocorp, they allow creating “robots” with their vscode extension, as well as debugging, and deploying to their online environment

Being a traditional developer most of my work is done out of an ide, integrating an n8n extension would make for developing and debugging n8n workflows much eeasier and integrating the javascript code functions with intellisense would be fantastic

also allowing deployment from ide to either n8n cloud or custom hosted would make tracking with git and deployment easier for teams of people

Im assuming somehow integrating the visual editor would be the main pain point, maybe somehow linking it to the hosted instance and it basically iframing, but you can edit the function codes in vscode native editor?

Any resources to support this?

Similar to robocorps vscode extension, which allows creation of simple robot workflows, debugging, debugging with test payloads, and deploying to environment

Are you willing to work on this?

yes :slight_smile:

I like this idea a lot (though I am currently out of votes and can’t leave mine :cry:) and I was in fact just talking about this with fellow community member @Shirobachi the other day.

Make sure to also vote on this yourself!

Good starting point could be a json schema to validate workflow files?

Thanks for pinging me!
@dakota2gen Love your idea, so sad I can vote only once :smiley: