Wait for a trigger during the execution

The idea is:

to be able to wait for an event (a trigger ideally) in the middle of an execution. Close to the current Wait block, we want to pause the execution and wait for the trigger to happen (filtered by a correlation key to select the right execution to resume) before going to the next node.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It is useful to enable event-driven development and complex orchestration flows. It will allow to use n8n and (and his high level of abstraction) with the power of a tool like Camunda which can execute BPMN file.

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

I can help if needed

Absolutely, this feature would be immensely beneficial. Ever since my experience with n8n, I’ve been eagerly anticipating something similar. Previously, I utilized the “Automate” app on Playstore, akin to n8n but tailored for Android. A significant advantage it holds over n8n is its enhanced block/node functionality, offering options to:

  • Proceed immediately (as currently seen in n8n)
  • Proceed when there’s a change or upon data reception (facilitating sequential workflows)

This capability addresses a notable limitation in n8n’s current framework. Implementing such a feature, especially in AI contexts, could revolutionize the workflow. For instance, it could allow for the handling of new messages by dynamically altering prompts at each step.


  1. Telegram Trigger (message)
  2. OpenAI prompt
  3. Telegram message send
  4. Telegram message wait (in workflow trigger)
  5. OpenAI prompt n2
  6. Telegram message send
  7. etc.

This is just one among countless potential applications. Your consideration and development of such a feature would be highly valued.