Webflow multiple webhook calls

I don’t know if it is under your scope of interventions or not but when I use the webflow trigger node, it is called at least 10 times for one submit action on webflow.

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Hi @oswald_bernard, many thanks for reporting!

I’ve just tested this but my test workflow using the Webflow trigger was only executed a single time:

Could you elaborate a bit more on how to reproduce the problem? E.g. which version of n8n are you using, how has your Webflow trigger node been set up, which action do you perform in Webflow that starts the n8n workflow several times?


Here are my n8n config.

I use the webflow node with a trigger on the e-commerce.

(Sorry I am on my phone)

Hi @oswald_bernard, I am afraid my Webflow account won’t allow checkouts. Can you confirm whether by any chance multiple webhooks have been created in your Webflow project? You can view currently active webhooks in your project settings under “integrations”:

The Webhooks section is at the very bottom.


I have got many of them!?

Is it n8n who created them?

Hey @oswald_bernard, possibly, though I am not sure if intentionally or by accident. Do they all have different URLs? Or do they all point to the same trigger?