Webflow Node - Delete Operation (Live Trigger)

The idea is:

For the Delete operation in the Webflow node to get the “Live” option toggle similar to the other POST or UPDATE operations

My use case:

Currently deleting items only sends them to a “Draft” state, which then requires another custom HTTP request to republish the site, however the deleted items still exist in their draft form. I would be using this to clear out a Collection list of outdated listings before replacing them with current data.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

To get around this requires extra HTTP Requests to either fully delete, or delete and then republish.

Any resources to support this?

This “Live” option does exist already in the webflow node for Creating Items and Updating Items. Webflow recently (~2021ish) added the query parameter option for deleting as well.

Remove Collection Item : Webflow CMS API Reference

Append ?live=true to the querystring to unpublish an item

Are you willing to work on this?

If I could help in any way I would, I’m just lacking the technical skill to create a revised node.